It All Starts With Healthy Soil

Balanced healthy soil discourages weeds. If you live in a new home, less than 15 years old, it is likely that your soil is not very healthy or balanced. It was bulldozed around and lost all it's life. A Laboratory Soil Analysis is a great start to better understand its chemistry.  Services like Liquid Aeration,  Compost Topdressings, and Soil Builders may be used to bring your soil to life. With over 45 years of experience in the lawn care industry, we know what it takes to culture beautiful environments. 




Jeff does an excellent job with his natural approach to lawn care.

Brad F. Former MU Extension Turf-Grass Professor

Two thumbs up! Pleasure to find and work with honest folks in the lawn service industry.

Barbara B.

Jeff and his team eliminated of my pest problems in a safe and earth friendly manner, and that was very important to me.

Katie D.

Great dependable service. #1 priority for us is "natural" approach. Company is well-managed and operated. Friendly and helpful employees are a bonus.

Tony S.

The Lawn Co. team worked hard and very efficiently to clean up my newly purchased property. They revamped the old landscaping and turned my poor lawn around. I'm so glad I found this company as they we're honest and did what they said they would do.

Martha A.

We did everything we could to try and get bitten by chiggers at your party and we simply couldn't. Not a single bite. Fantastic!

Mark T.

We've moved away, but all the time we were in Missouri The Lawn Company took care of our yard. We paid by the year, so we sold our house with 9 months of care thrown in. All those years, we had a wonderful lush lawn and no worries. They even fed our trees, which needed a little TLC after the heat and drought of 2012. Excellent service and results from wonderful people.

Fred S.

Jeff and his staff take excellent care of our lawn. I love the fact that they use natural products as I never need to worry about letting my dogs play in the yard. We have walnut trees and large areas of shade, both of which make it particularly difficult to maintain a beautiful lawn. However, they designed a year-round program to deal with those things and our lawn is lush and healthy.

Lori E.

I think our lawn looks the best it has in years. Thanks for your help!

Ellen M.

Jeff is very knowledgeable and helpful to us with our lawn care. We appreciate his help and his returning our phone calls when we have a question. We certainly believe in the more natural approach to lawn care.

Jane M.

I have environmental and chemical allergies, so it's wonderful to have a lawn service that takes care of my yard for me and uses natural products that don't stir up my allergies. I don't have to worry about my cats walking around right after work has been done, either. The work they do is great and they're so easy to work with. Whenever they do something, I find a note on my door explaining what was done and what it accomplishes.

Sheryl K.

Without you, I would have no grass at all.

Barbara B.

I like knowing my lawn is chemical-free, especially with my grand-kids and a dog on it now.

Carole M.

You make my house look great!

Marcia W.

Thank you for your many years of excellent lawn care service. Jim and I appreciate knowing you've got our backs, or lawn in this case!

Dawn E.

Jeff has been an excellent guide for us in using organics. We are now almost completely organic. We are very pleased with how it's all turned out.

Joy L.

I appreciate the quality of service and the willingness to work with me to get my lawn looking right.

Greg L.


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