Lawn Care That Won't Cost the Earth

Our organic lawn services provide unmatched results, without all the bull$#!@. Americans have unfortunately grown accustomed to lawn care services that are dirty, loud and use harmful chemicals. At The Lawn Co., our founder knew there had to be a better, more sustainable way to take care of lawns. That's why since 1995, we have chosen to exclusively use Eco-friendly products and equipment. We want homeowners stay ON their lawn and not settle for something that can harm them and their community.  Let us show you why what makes us different makes us great.

Root Feeding , Foliar Feeding, Diagnostic Evaluations, Disease and Pest Prevention      Tree care services make sure your trees look and feel their best!

Our organic pest control is here to save your yard from bothersome and disease carrying insects! Whether you need a one-time spray for an upcoming event or season long control. we can help you bite back with safe, natural, organic pest control services.