Our ecolawn, dog approved approach creates a healthy, beautiful lawn without all the bullsh!$. Poison lawn care is so 1999, so don't settle for just ordinary lawn care practices.  Water Less, Mow Less, Pay Less are all common slogans here. Our organic fertilizers nurture healthy soil to promote actual sustainable environments with less problems.  You'll enjoy peace of mind knowing that you can Stay ON Your Lawn. For more info click here

If you have a tree in need, we are the people to see. We offer a full line of services to holistically heal sick, injured, and dying trees.  Tree Planting, Root Feeding , Foliar Feeding, Diagnostic Evaluations, Health Inspections, Tree and Shrub Fertility, Tree and Shrub Pruning, Disease and Pest Prevention Services. Click here for more details

Effective, All Natural Pest Control Alternatives

You don't need chemicals to avoid being eaten by pests. Pesticides are neurological  inhibitors, NOT good. Our essential botanical oils are all safe to the touch, and undeniably effective. So if you're looking for safer ways to minimize bugs and pests in and around your home, we can certainly help.



For nearly 27 years, we have been creating better lawns naturally in Columbia and Mid-Missouri. Our #1 goal is to bring integrity, and reliability back to the lawn care industry. We strive to build long term relationships based on trust, quality, creative problem solving, and value. We are hard-working, competitively priced, and guarantee our results. By providing safe, effective, alternatives to poison-based lawn care, educational outreach, and plain common sense, we aim to make Columbia and Mid-Missouri a better space for the generation to come.

The Problem

Ordinary over the counter lawn chemicals are just plane toxic. You know that pungent, overwhelming smell in lawn and garden. That's weed and feed, 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, commonly known 24D, a key ingredient in Agent Orange. You've heard of that right? Skull and crossbones are on the label. Birth defects still to this day. Your lawn is supposed to contribute positively to your health and well being.  Why cover your yard with potentially dangerous chemicals if you can have a dam nice lawn without them? Don't take our word for it though, do your own research. The Brief




Our Promise

We are here for you. Period. Our cornerstone reads honesty and integrity. We won't hesitate to call a spade a spade, and there will be no beating around the bush. We will look you in the eye and tell you what we are spraying is safe. There are no chemical smells, no waiting to play. You can pronounce our ingredients. We will always advance and push the envelope to be better. We have not completed our mission of saving the plane one lawn at a time, so we will continue to strive on. We can and will eliminate 95% of the chemical load on your property's watershed while maintaining the best lawn on the block.